Colorado State University’s Commitment to Campus program and the Vice President for University Operations offer financial support to assist Administrative Professional and State Classified employees seeking professional development. (Faculty members are not eligible for this award program). Awards may be made to applicants based on merit as demonstrated by their application. Funding requests may be made in any dollar amount, limited to a total of $2,000 per individual per application. Requests may be partially funded, depending upon other requests received and/or available funds. Awards will be paid to the awardee’s department for purposes of reimbursing the cost of the professional development experience after all payments have been made and receipts are furnished. No payments for awards can be made from C2C/VPUO directly to the employee, outside vendor, or to a grant (53-fund) account.

January 11-January 25 Prior to June 30, 2024

Late applications cannot be considered.


Applicants must meet the following criteria for consideration of funding:

    • Be a current CSU Administrative Professional or State Classified employee in good standing; employed at part-time (50%) or greater; and employed as a CSU AP or SC employee for a minimum of one year as of the award application deadline.
    • The professional development activity must be fully paid for and completed during the same fiscal year as the award is approved. The applicant represents that their immediate supervisor and any necessary higher authority supports their request and will approve any time off needed.
    • Award recipients agree to provide a one-page or less report to the Award Panel and any pictures they may have taken showcasing their participation in the activity. These reports, along with the recipient’s name and photos, may be used to promote the award program and appear in SOURCE, CSU Life, or other CSU announcements and publications. The statement should be submitted within 30 days and summarize how the award contributed to their ability to meet their professional development goals.
    • Recipients will be ineligible for future awards if no summary is provided.
    • Recipients may only receive one award in two years.


Applicants may use this award to help fund professional development needs that their department cannot meet. The proposed professional development must be related to the applicant’s current job function and duties. This award enhances the individual’s ability to succeed and grow in their current position. Funds cannot be used to pursue a degree or advanced degree, different positions, lines of work, or general education of personal interest.

Funds must be used directly for the professional development experience. Appropriate examples include, but are not limited to, conference registration, training, books, certification/licensure expenses, lodging, and transportation expenses such as mileage and airfare.

Applications are reviewed by a volunteer panel comprised of Administrative Professional and Classified Personnel representatives. The committee will evaluate applications by considering:

    • the relationship between the professional development activity and the applicant’s current work at CSU;
    • the overall benefit to the employee and the institution from the planned experience;
    • the cost of the activity after any department funds are applied*; and
    • the overall quality of the application.

Award funds can be transferred to the recipient’s department as cost reimbursement when:

  • The professional development activity is completed;
  • All Kuali transactions are fully approved;
  • The Kuali document numbers and copies of all receipts are provided to [email protected].

The department or employee agrees to cover any expenses in excess of the amount awarded. Applicants will discuss this with their supervisors and fiscal officers before applying for an award to assure that the activity will be approved and funded. After notification of the award amount, the awardee must coordinate with their supervisor and their department fiscal officer to either begin the registration or other process or arrange for reimbursement of a completed professional development activity.

Any changes to the awarded activity (i.e. changing dates, courses, seminars, etc.) without the prior approval of the Professional Development Award Committee will forfeit the applicant’s receipt of the award funds.

**NOTE: For award expenses to be reimbursed, they must be fully approved through Kuali, submitted to C2C within 45 days of the development opportunity being completed and no later than June 15th of the current fiscal year. No C2C reimbursements will be processed after June 15th, and any unused award funds will be voided after that date. This deadline will be strictly adhered to.