Single tickets: Employees can reserve two tickets to any/each film they select at 20% off the regular ticket price ($10-$15 regular price) with discount code c2c@ACT.

Festival passes: ACT is offering three festival passes this year ($40 – $100). Select the pass that works for you whether you attend in-person or online. For 20% off (max 2 passes/person) Use discount code: c2cFilmPass.

Purchase tickets

Discount Code =  GSCSU.

Please visit for discounted tickets for games May 13 – 18.  

Click here for the full list of discount-eligible concerts and to purchase tickets.

Discount Code = CSCSU22

Men’s Basketball
CSU v. Wyoming, January 28:

Women’s Basketball
CSU v. Wyoming, February 16:

Discount Code = C2C22

Discount Code = Colostate20

Discount Code = CSU10.